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Fiche société
Nom de la société :
Selekta International SUARL
Secteur d'activité :
Commerce & Economie > Commerce international
Dirigeant :
M. Adel Bennani
Adresse :
Av Abou Hamed al ghazali Bouhsina 4000 SOUSSE
Téléphone :
Fax :
Descriptif :
Selekta International is a company which is business i n general. has an advantage of long and solid experience of more than 13 years. Selekta managed to penetrate different markets granted with a qualified equip.

For years, Selekta has built a name and became known locally as a trustful partner and as a renowned commercial platform; dealings include export, import, trading, agencies and consulting meanwhile accompanying foreign companies wishing to deal with Tunisia.

Selekta has etched its name as a supplier of high quality products reflecting a mastery of knowledge related to business and an ability to widen the trade scope and multiply business opportunities.
Our goods are exported to France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Denmark, and South Korea, Australia, Hong-Kong, USA and Canada.

Selekta philosophy is based on trust, confidence, understanding and cooperation which guarantee success and preserves mutual interests.

We welcome any serious business suggestion; we are simply looking for solid partners who are looking to invest in Tunisia for long-lasting cooperation and joint takings.
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