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Manarate R&D
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Informatique & Internet > Agences Web
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Av. de la libération Hammamet 8050 NABEUL
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Sté. Manarate R&D sarl. is a Center of the Innovation Technology and communication based in Tunisia and approved by the Tunisian government under 21-186-12. Sté. Manarate R&D sarl. is one of the leading consulting companies in the world specializing in strategic planning, the analysis in the research and development, but also in training and technical assistance, wants to help the various organizations involved in science, technology and innovation.


We offer, on the one hand, a variety of solutions and services, both technical and commercial, to various institutions such companies, advertising agencies, higher education institutes and associations. On the other hand, the Manarate Company consists training for employees and managers. Also, training in information technology and communication is at your disposal.

Our thematic axs are therefore the following:

Development and design of websites.
Development and design of mobile applications multi-platforms.
Research and innovation in the Mobile domain.
Exposure of new Smartphone and tablet in the market.
Sté. Manarate R&D sarl. allows you to facilitate contacts and exchanges between people, and foster the creation of new collaborations. One of our goal also is to organize workshops as TAM’13 which is a conference and a training session on development technologies in mobile applications. It is a meeting with experts of field; addressed to anyone who wants to learn, improve, exchange, share ideas and experience around new technologies of mobile applications. Also, it will be a real engagement between professionals and people with a thirst to develop their ideas. Thus, for some participants, improvement, exchanges or sharing ideas for others it will be a productive experiences.


Together we analyze your needs and build your training solution. All our consultants are equipped with a double expertise: that of your business and that of pedagogy. They will advise you to choose and training solution tailored to your needs. Also, Manarate is composed of trainers specialized in customized training. Their organization's areas of expertise and specialties you will get an excellent level of expertise for each trade: languages, sales, purchasing, marketing, innovation, projects, R&D, purchasing, finance, industry, IT, management, leadership, resources human, training, quality, etc.. And this while having the ability to play the synergies between business permanently. We will at any time and closer to your professional reality to train you in the action and make a decisive contribution to the success of your projects
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